Can Mobile Gamers Really Make Xbox Game Pass a Success? | TYQ326

Mar 22, 05:39 AM

Tonight, we answer questions about Xbox Game Pass on mobile, PlayStation's latest news, the Switch Pro, EVO under Sony, revolutionary games, and more!

Here are all of the questions we answer this week:

- Can mobile gamers really make Xbox Game Pass a success?
- What do you make of PlayStation’s recent announcements?
- What does the Switch Pro need to justify its existence?
- Which are your “go-to” video games?
- What can we expect from a Sony-owned EVO?
- Which games revolutionized the industry?
- Which fighting game characters do you want to fight?
- Who is the best fighting game dev of all time?
- How did you get started in gaming journalism?
- Which upcoming indie games are you most looking forward to?
- Is EA the worst gaming company in history?
- What powers would gaming execs have if they were fighting game characters?

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