Episode 320 - Liz Phair

Mar 22, 03:22 PM
LIZ PHAIR IS HERE!!! That's right, the iconic indie rock legend joins Damian on the show to talk punk! Listen in as they talk: making records as an autobiography, the music nerd paradise of Oberlin & how punk drove her to get on stage. 

NOT TO BE MISSED & don't miss Liz's new album "Soberish" dropping later this year on Chrysalis Records!

Also Touched On:

The importance of tapes

Feeling welcomed by punk

Expression over permission

The Police, Madonna and The “Why Can’t I?” Effect

The dissent in the music

You are human, you are alive, therefore you are qualified

Bowie as a Punk icon

Seeing the punk on a Liz Phair, Alanis, Garbage Tour

Going to the land of the music nerd: Oberlin

Getting into the Cult

 Only liking pop with a punk edge

How sexy are the vocals in the Fall?!

Culture of zines

The aesthetic of punk 

Flyers and the importance of the Physical world 

trying to read Raygun Magazine 

Punk driving you to get on stage
The Carnivore 7”

Tae Won Yu and  The Girly Sound Tapes

Kicking Giant

taking advance of an audience 

Pink Moon and The Modern Lovers are perfect records

Hearing your voice soloed in the studio for the first time

The high of scoring

The medium of emotion