Moving from the Luxury Travel Industry to Managing Over 70 SA Units | Interview with Rob Mason - Part 2

Mar 23, 07:00 AM
On This Weeks Podcast...
We find out how Serviced Accommodation is done the right way. 
Having doubled his units under management in the past 6 months to now over 70, Rob Mason gives us an insight into the business of Serviced Accommodation.

What we have coming up:

- Having worked in the Travel Industry most of his life, selling holidays for up to £500,000 for 10 days Rob seemed in a perfect position to take on the trials and tribulations of SA

- We hear about the rollercoaster he went on to get to this point, starting multiple businesses, including a stag stripper cruise at 19 years old!

-  We hear the story of Rob’s business that ended up losing his and his customers money but also how he bounced back from those rough times

- Rob talks about how he got into Serviced Accommodation after having a years worth of mentoring and the journey he went on to get his first SA unit

- What tips and experience points he would give anybody currently with SA units or anybody wanting to get into Serviced Accommodation.

And much more!

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