Mar 23, 10:00 AM
In this Season Two premiere of DEVELOPMENT HELL, host Josh Korngut digs deep into the forgotten fourth CANDYMAN film, before spilling the details about Nia DaCosta’s upcoming spiritual follow up to the 1992 classic.

In March 2004, Tony Todd announced he had signed on to star in a fourth Candyman film… This sequel was allegedly set at a New England all-girls private school where the Candyman was reigning havoc during a blizzard. Clive Barker was even in talks to produce this project, which was rumored to be ignoring the events of the other sequels. 

With extra special guest Zena Dixon (cohost of The Bloody Disgusting Podcast), these two take a real sharp look at the Candyman franchise as a whole, and speculate wildly on what could have been… and what’s yet to come. Also, they are VERY CONCERNED about that girl on TikTok with the hole in her bathroom wall.

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