Ep. 428 - Go look at my Instagram on March 4th

Mar 23, 02:40 PM
As soon as you can, scroll back to March 4th on my Instagram page. Do you see the post that says "March 23rd. That's All?"

That's today. 19 days ago, my team and I decided to start an experiment to prove something that we thought was going to happen. And our worst fears were proven true. And started almost immediately. We had determined that every time over the past 5 years that I made a big announcement something important was coming - a massive campaign of lies, propaganda, and disinformation spread about me almost immediately. As I looked back over the past 5 years, I could see it for myself. BUT THIS TIME, we wanted to prepare for it and study it and see exactly how it would all go down. It was actually far worse than I ever imagined. Let me unpack and explain it.