Finding your FIERCE with Brita Fernandez Schmidt

Mar 25, 08:00 AM
Driven by her purpose, Brita believes that every woman has a fierce power to fulfil her dreams. (I can't agree more!) She coaches women to help them transform their lives by awakening, and acting on, the power they have within. Brita is an advocate and promoter of women’s power, women’s rights and equality and the author of Fears to Fierce - a woman's guide to stepping into her power. 

She frequently writes and speaks publicly about the challenges women face all over the world in the context of poverty and conflict. Originally from Germany, Brita went to school in Venezuela and has throughout her career worked with women from many countries around the world. She now lives in the UK with her husband, two daughters and two dogs.

Brita currently serves as the Executive Director of Women for Women International – UK and is the Senior Vice President for Europe and External Relations globally. She co-founded Women for Women International in Germany in 2018. Brita is also the Chair of the Network Gender Action for Peace and Security and Chief Adviser to Fair Share. Previously she was the Programmes & Policy Director at Womankind Worldwide and she started her career as Policy Officer at the European Women’s Lobby

In this episode we talk about:
- Brita's book "Fears to Fierce", and what it means to be 'fierce'
- How to find your fierce and embrace it 
- Finding meaning, inspiration and purpose in life 
- Owning and stepping into your power and techniques to do this 
- Recognising your worthy of love now, as you are, and the importance of loving yourself first
- How all of this applies to you as a business owner and being more confident in your sales, as a social entrepreneur
- How Brita has applied this to her own life and career, and how you can do the same

Find out more about Brita Fernandez Schmidt:
Instagram @britafs
Brita's website

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