A Cuppa With: Mental Health in Music - Episode three: Beating Imposter Syndrome

Mar 27, 11:24 AM
Episode Three of the Mental Health in Music series covered “Beating Imposter Syndrome” - which is something which impacts all creatives - and most people to be fair! 

Imposter Syndrome is that nagging feeling that nothing you’ve created is good enough and you will be "found out" eventually! Sound familiar? Well, in this episode I talk to Emma Langford who is a prime example of someone who has worked their way to the top - from the ground up. Emma has openly talked about her own insecurities, while continuing to achieve her dreams, in spite of self-doubts! I'm also joined by Mental Health and Mindfulness expert, and author, Padraig O'Morain - who talks about the familiarity we all have with imposter syndrome and how to overcome 'the fear'. 

Also featured on the show speaking about their experiences with imposter syndrome are 
Katie Gallagher - KTG 
and Dave O’Grady.