Season 2 Episode 16 w/ Rajneet Goomer – Director of Student Services and Diversity Public School System

Mar 29, 12:00 PM
In this episode of the Citizen Experience, we interview Rajneet Goomer an award-winning Director of Student Services and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) Expert in a public school district in the State of New Jersey.  Rajneet’s 16-year career in education has been rooted in DE&I for students, families and staff. Rajneet is the co-chair of the District Equity Council in her current school district. She is the voice and advocate for DE&I in schools surrounding race, programmatic equity, and inclusion for all students including students with identified needs. Recently, she designed and currently facilitates a People of Color (POC) Employee Resource Group which has become an invaluable safe space for employees of color. Rajneet’s passion extends to designing and leading ongoing professional development and workshops in a variety of areas including DE&I. In 2019, Rajneet was honored with the Mimi Ballard CANDO Award from Research Institute for Learning and Development (ResearchILD) for innovative, strategic planning and implementation.  In this episode we discuss topics such as inequity in public schools, the importance of mentoring and racial affinity groups, and role of empathy towards DE&I.