Your Body is a Metaphor for Your Life w/Dr. Serena Goldstein

Season 2, Episode 32,  Apr 01, 2021, 01:03 PM

My guest for episode #32 is Dr. Serena Goldstein. Dr. Serena is a Naturopathic Doctor who helps guide you to trust and understand the signs and signals your body is saying so you can expand your knowledge. She works with all concerns (even the ones you’re not sure about mentioning!), especially around weight, hormones, and not feeling ‘quite right', with a plan you’ll find fun and exciting even over the long-term! Dr. Serena gets personal with her perspective about how her patients have been told they were crazy from previous doctors, how segregated the medical community is, and the big issues with our state of health and mindset— especially when it comes to health and healing.
We talk about the validity and grand importance of listening to our body and intuition.
Join me in my fun and insightful chat with Dr. Serena Goldstein!

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