Kicking bishops, the History Boys and a year of Keir

Apr 02, 05:00 AM
Matt Withers and Cash Boyle return to bring you the week’s news, politics, gags, gaffes and guests in The New Normal.

This week they discuss Freedom Monday and its ensuing litterbug frenzy, and look back on Keir Starmer's first year as leader of the Labour Party.

Teenage podcasters Charlie Gordon and Jonah Howe join us to tell us how they've managed to coax some of the country's leading historians into appearing on their show, while holidaying host Richard Porritt dials in from a rowing trip to explain why much of the media is ignoring Jennifer Arcuri's allegations about the PM's indiscretions.

And in an Easter special Cash and Burn, Cash spreads a little goodwill.

Music: 8 Bit Sauce by Mikey Geiger

Charlie and Gordon's podcast, The Historic Present, can be found here