Episode 323 - Loren Molinare (The Dogs, Attack, Little Caesar)

Apr 02, 06:04 AM
Get ready for the greatest Rock & Roll story never told! Today on the show, Damian is joined by LOREN MOLINARE from The Dogs! Famous amongst punk collectors for their obscure & awesome records, The Dogs’ career is far more interesting & storied than any of the more well known counter parts. Listen in as Damian discusses one of the most fascinating careers in music with the guy who lived it. From playing with the likes of the MC5, Kiss & Van Halen to drinking with Bon Scott to clowning Sid Vicious on stage to teaching the Ramones how to dress to inspiring Black Flag to play: THIS IS ONE NOT TO BE MISSED!!!!!

Also Touched On: 

The Dogs: born in ’69

Mary walks into the basement and makes the band real

Hearing I Wanna Be Your Dog for the first time

 Dick Wagner from the Frost

Opening for the MC5 and getting to witness them live for the first time

The effect of the The Who coming to Ann Arbor 


Getting beaten and dragged to jail in from of 9000 people for refusing to play after Bob Seger

Getting banned from the Mid-West

Opening from Ted Nugent at the first solo show

After one thing but before another: Going to New York in ’73

finding the voice

Raw Power over Fun House and S/T

Finally seeing The Stooges

influencing Black Flag

The Motels

The Pop

“Radio Free Hollywood”

The Masques and the punks

Drinking and playing with AC/DC at their first US gig

“Let’s fuck him up!”: Sid Vicious looking like a fool on stage

Australia gets it

“Thank god for bootleggers!”

Killed By Death saved everything

Opening for Kiss

Playing with the Pre-Blondie Stilettos

Going belly up in London

Seeing the Ramones before the Ramones at shows