Freaky News Fridays (Weird and odd News of the Week)

Apr 04, 05:11 PM

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Good Friday to ya's,How is Everyone :) 

Archaeologists find earliest colonial site in Maryland after nearly 90-year search

in our Ghostly portion of the show

House for sale has 'not haunted' sign outside

The White Plague Underground Colony Experiment and a Haunted Cave in Kentucky

Strange Folklore, Dark Forces, and Mysterious Wilderness Vanishings

in our Cryptid portion of the show

Cemetery at center of 'werewolf' sighting claims

Ufo,alien and space portion

Witness to Travis Walton’s Alien Abduction Withdraws His Account

'Time traveller' films bomb shelter from '2027' after claiming to be last man alive

Weird portion

Uri Geller: 'mind power moved Suez Canal ship'

Humans could one day evolve venom glands

Tesla was from Venus' claims FBI document

Dyson Sphere May Be the Key to Human Immortality

Strange Mysteries at the Real Frankenstein Castle

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