HELLRAISER REBOOT (with Teddy Tenenbaum)

Apr 06, 09:00 AM

Hollywood screenwriter Teddy Tenenbaum talks about writing a HELLRAISER reboot for Dimension Films in 2014

On this episode of the Development Hell podcast, Hollywood screenwriter Teddy Tenenbaum talks about writing a 2014 HELLRAISER project for Dimension Films. 

Teddy dishes the dirt on what it takes to get a horror movie made, his unlikely first encounter with Guillermo Del Toro, and what it was like working with Clive Barker on a television series about Ed and Lorraine Warren. 

Teddy also gets into the details about the plot behind his HELLRAISER concept (it’s wild), what it was like being shaded by Bob Weinstein, and when Dimension Films pitted his script against another written by Clive Barker himself.

No tears please… even though this HELLRAISER project sounds like it would have been cool as all hell. 

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