Episode 325 - Jeff Gunnells (Cold As Life, H8Inc., Ramallah)

Apr 07, 07:17 AM
Few legends loom larger in punk than that of Detroit's COLD AS LIFE. Today on the show, Cold As Life's guitarist turned vocalist, JEFF GUNNELLS sits down with Damian to talk about the reality behind the infamy. From open warfare with the bouncers at Blondies, to checking Insane Clown Posse's egos at their first show and so much more; this is NOT TO BE MISSED. 
Pick up a copy of the Cold As Life's CLASSIC "Born To Land Hard", the record that redefined what is was to be "hardcore", out on the great A389 Recordings now!.

Also Touched On:

Finding Discharge

Going to record stores

Day-glo Abortions, Ugly But Proud, Gore, Necros at the Greystone’s

Shifting from punk to a harder sound


DIY out of necessity

Death all around

Having to hide out

Documenting a city in decline 

Writing reality

Drugs and corruption


Getting in where you fit in: Making connections with other scenes

“We were a little wolf pack”: Blondies and war with the bouncers

Attracting the right 

Meeting Agnostic Front 

Carrying on without Rawn

Taking over vocals

Living by the sword and the tragedy of dying by it

Rest in Peace: Tim Mycek Jr., Jake Loch and Johnny Myers

Feisty Cadavers: RIP Steve Crass

The lost Las Vegas sessions for the 2nd lp


XTyrantX: Real deal

ICP’s first show opening for Cold As Life… it didn’t go well

Earthmover and +/- Records

Going to Europe

Detroit Heresy 

The greatness of Pittbull