Episode One: “Introducing your Sociological Imagination” (Mills) Dr. Shelli-Ann Garland

Apr 08, 07:00 PM

My guest in this podcast episode is Dr. Shelli-Ann Garland. Shelli-Ann is a teaching fellow in the School of Education in Trinity College Dublin and a research assistant on the @DEEPEN project Her research interests include Sociology and Foundations of Education, Educational Stratification, Teacher Education, Lifelong Learning and Volunteer Leadership. 

In this episode Shelli-Ann introduces some of the main Sociology of Education theories and how they look in “real-time” and describes what our “sociological imagination” is, “the ability to see things socially and how they interact and influence each other”. We talk about Shelli-Ann’s own research on volunteer identity, informal learning and community based learning, connections and disconnects between policy and practice and how Covid has impacted how we teach Sociology of Education. Shelli-Ann has some questions for me too around my own research and sociological connections between family and community and the school.