Making a Hamilton Comedy Series with Mike Mitchell

Apr 07, 07:03 PM

Welcome to the Hamilton Film Podcast, where Alysha Main documents all of the exciting happenings of the film industry in Hamilton Ontario.

This season we’re digging deep into some of the remarkable film and television shows that have been filmed here, and feature prominent Hamilton storylines.

When I heard that someone was making a series that takes place in a Hamilton record store, I had to find out more.   A show about comedy, music, and chasing a dream, ”This Is The Thing” follows comedian Mike Mitchell and record store audio buyer Tim Ford on their quests to become a well known standup comedian and YouTuber.  The show features guest appearances by many Hamilton comedians and musicians.  I chat with creator Mike Mitchell about the making of the series, pitching a pilot, guerrilla filmmaking, and the future for the series that all of Hamilton is talking about.

"This Is The Thing" will be airing in April 2021 on Bell Fibe TV1.
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I’ll be back in 2 weeks with another episode of Hamilton Film Podcast.

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