Ep. 365 - The Church Expulsion Letter

Mar 12, 09:59 PM
Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.
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— Atheists are more likely to get vaccinated, according to a new survey. (0:26)
— A realtor arrested in a murder-for-hire plot assumed God would just forgive her. (6:40)
— Christian apologist Sye Ten Bruggencate apparently took advantage of a “vulnerable woman.” (12:15)
— A new study links evangelicals with a desire for bigger penises. (16:50)
— A Republican lawmaker says we don’t need gun control because Cain killed Abel in the Bible. (23:31)
— A Tennessee church sent a nasty letter to a member for her sinful lifestyle. (30:07)
— An Arizona bill could give churches immunity even in abuse cases. (37:10)
— Beth Moore quit the Southern Baptist Convention. Good for her. Bad for them. (42:33)
— An Arkansas lawmaker wants Creationism back in the classroom. (49:10)
— Pastor Robert Jeffress says we’ll be working in Heaven but with no government regulations. Yay…? (56:05)
— Ravi Zacharias‘ former ministry will rebrand to get away from the predator’s name. (59:58)
— Switzerland approved a burka ban. (1:04:31)