Ep. 358 - What Joe Biden's Administration Will Mean for Atheists

Jan 22, 10:33 PM
Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.
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— What just happened with Atheist Alliance International? (0:33)
— Should we be troubled by Joe Biden‘s overly religious inauguration speech? (17:18)
— White evangelicals still view Donald Trump favorably. (25:58)
— James Dobson has a lot of irrational fears about the new administration. (36:30)
— Christian terrorists were absolutely a part of the Capitol siege. (43:05)
— A Catholic priest apologized to his church for not condemning Trump enough. (45:15)
— A former anti-vaxxer is now urging everyone to get the COVID vaccine. (52:17)
— Arizona Republicans want to pass a bill to execute women and doctors who have or perform abortions. (1:09:37)