Apr 09, 09:39 AM
Last time Zara Hedderman teamed up with Craig for an episode, Garth Brooks: The Road became essential viewing. After this ep, we trust you’ll be rushing to rent Valley Girl starring a young Nicholas Cage. And hopefully get a solid steer on the much-hyped Dry Cleaning album, plus some of the best talk-y bits in musical history to boot. Dave’s away, let’s play....

ACT ONE: Craig and Zara confront Mother Nature’s harsh realities. It’s dog eat dog out there. Or spider eat wasp. Ant eat poison. In any event, a grizzly preamble…

ACT TWO (7:01): The news gets Jepic as we discuss John and Edward’s Twitter takedown of the X Factor machine. Elsewhere, we’re baffled by an AI Nirvana song and Alice Cooper gets high with Hendrix. And yes, a little NFT bit. But also: Ja Rule!

ACT THREE (34:18): We join Dry Cleaning’s knitting circle, dissecting the London quartet’s debut album like a couple of emo dead stuff collectors.

ACT FOUR (50:12): Keeping things spoken word in our final segment, spotlighting our favourite bits of talking in songs, from full spoken word to samples and melodramatic breakdowns. Quite the rollercoaster.

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