Issue 368: Is Tony Masters Under The Taskmaster Mask in Black Widow or Is It Someone Else?

Apr 09, 08:53 PM

Today on the podcast Jong and Michael discuss the latest trailer for Black Widow, theorize who Taskmaster could be instead of Tony Masters, whether the new trailer showed too much, the newest trailer for Loki, whether Kang the Conqueror could make an appearance in Loki, the possibility of Kang being an overarching villain, how Kang's motivations in the MCU could be different from his typical comic motivations, Sony reaching a deal with Netflix to put their movies on the Netflix platform, the latest information revealed about Joss Whedon and others at Warner Bros., and some gaming news specifically why Jong still isn't going to get an Xbox even after the announcement that MLB The Show 21 will be releasing on Game Pass on day one of release. (he's not leaving PlayStation anytime soon :( ~ MC)