Ep. 369 - Atheists No Longer Have To Swear To God To Vote In Alabama

Apr 09, 11:56 PM
Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.
— Atheists no longer have to swear an oath to God in order to vote in Alabama. (1:30)
— An anti-LGBTQ official in Alabama dropped his future Senate bid after his mistress revealed their taped conversations. (8:19)
— Tennessee Republicans are removing a ban on priests holding office… but not the part banning atheists from the same thing. (16:54)
— Tennessee’s Lt. Gov. found a clever way to block a bill making the Bible the Official State Book. (25:52)
— Texas wants lawyers for fetuses. (29:05)
— The Arkansas House passed a bill permitting the teaching of Creationism in science class. (32:56)
— Jerry Falwell, Jr. told people to get vaccinated to own the libs. (37:05)
— A New York GOP official resigned after claiming gay people on an island would die in a few decades. (40:36)
— A Kentucky tax preparer is openly refusing to work with gay couples. (46:46)
— Creationists are mad that “higher standards” in science education mean not teaching Creationism. (50:33)
— This is a weird reason to not like Morgan Freeman. (1:05:20)
— The president of the Mormon Church said people with religious doubts are “lazy learners.” (1:13:09)