Blade Runner: The Final Cut (Guest: KC from Podcast of Champions)

Apr 12, 04:01 AM
This week, we BOUNCE from Terry Gilliam's 12 Monkeys to Ridley Scott's Blade Runner courtesy of Writer, David Peoples. The monkeys have scattered as the Blade Runner has come to town! A Blade Runner can't run around with a dozen monkeys on this episode. KC from Podcast of Champions, joins us as we do a deep dive and discuss Ridley Scott's cult classic.

(0:30 - 19:45) Mike and Harry introduce KC, as well as discuss Die Hard, Wonder Woman 1984, Arch Enemy, Batman Begins, and Wolfwalkers.
(19:50 - 1:45:00) Mike, Harry, and KC discuss Blade Runner: The Final Cut.

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Where will we bounce to next week? Will it be "Dune" with Sean Young? ... or Ridley Scott's "Alien”? or Harrison Ford in ... "Extraordinary Measures"? Find out next week!

Don't worry! Our full Batman Begins episode will be released soon.
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