PC Episode 76 Ghost Guns

Apr 12, 03:30 PM
First, a big congratulations to Ashley and Ashley on the newest addition to the Vargas family, baby Emmanuel!  Also congratulations to Tobi and the other one!  This week while Ashley is on paternity leave, we have for you the three travelling companions covering important topics like: Ghost Hell, Putin the Philanthropist, Slapping Science, How to use a private browser, hiding a plant obsession, and Aliens don't want any more of our $#@%.  We also find out in this episode that Lisa is the hero and the villain, Gary doesn't recommend our podcast to his family, and Joe doesn't have a heart.  Oh, and here's a literal quote by Joe from this episode: "If I have Jesus, my wrists are like Wonder Woman."  So, assemble a gun, rank a baby, and stay Politically Corrected!  
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