Lost Zane Recordings FREEview Ep 56 Airdate: 6/24/2016

Apr 12, 01:26 AM

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1 – Jester doing better with separation. Doane shooting bubbles. Eric outnumbered. ‘Let’s go to bat for kids’ from yesterday; Kim Carson safe at 1st.
2 – O’neill’s family tree. Jackie and Eric argue over medicine timing; Diana sides with Jackie.
3 – Led Zeppelin vs Spirit; final battle. Aerosmith; one last go-around. Steven Tyler’s awesome feet.
4 – Translation of Iceland soccer announcer from yesterday. Pellerito Iceland soccer announcer set to music (part 1). Sports updates.
5 – Fart, grab fart, throw fart. When did a fart get you in trouble? Eric fart stories sprinkled with dry heaves.
6 – Cleveland Cavaliers parade idiot eats & Hibachi catches horse shit. The View – trial vs twial. OJ Simpson documentary.
7 – Ken Kolker from WOOD TV8 interview talking Jeffrey Willis developments.
8 – Talking movies with Ron VT.
9 –  Pre-Doane Stunt planning meeting. Iceland announcer to music replay. Britain leaving the European union.
10 – Japanese Animated Art Festival; dressed up anime characters downtown. Woman woke up from surgery with a thick British accent. Dude got ‘Fatty’ written on his receipt. Lady walking topless from Mississippi to Washington DC; Julius doesn’t know distances. Sports updates.
11 – Doane Stunt; Tyler Doane smooth pick-up lines with a cluster F of bad timing (construction equipment and fire truck interruptions). Cavalier Coach Tyronn Lue gets call from President.
12 – More Doane stunt. Talking for about ‘Let’s go to bat for kids’ from yesterday.
13 – Gravy in studio talking ‘Soccer in the Sand’.