#36 Managing Performance Through Transformational Leadership

Episode 36,  Apr 12, 2021, 09:00 AM

In this weeks podcast John & Rachael discuss the contributions from their last three guests Ira Wolfe at Success Performance Solutions, Tom Manning at The Pathway Academy, and Andrew Thomas at BetterYou, in the context of how organisations evaluate performance in 2021 and beyond.

How do transformational leaders approach performance management? Aimed at HR and Leaderships Teams keen to reflect on how they adapted their people function through COVID-19, and what might be next.

Leadership Essentials:

  1. Be well to work well. People’s performance depends in part on their physical and mental health. How can you as leaders support and manage the well being of your most important asset?
  2. Building a strong pathway with clear signposting for your employees. This helps everyone evaluate their performance so much better, they can see what they need to do to achieve personal and organisational success.
  3. Adaption and transformation are not the same thing. Adaption is required in the short term. But it is largely reaction. True transformation is required in the long term taking a more holistic approach. We’ve had an age of digital transformation Are we moving into an era of people transformation? 

In The Coaching approach we meet the new HR Director Safina, who has some interesting ideas that will transform performance management, reward and the day-to-day approach and roles of the Senior Leadership Team.