And Then There Was X

Apr 13, 10:00 AM
We kick off the podcast with love and praise for the King and one of the GOATs DMX rest in power at the very beginning of the pod, Earth Wind and Fire Verzus The Isley Brothers (17:43), we get into what we’ve done these past few weeks, investing into yourself in every way including rest (30:39), the most pause worthy moment on the podcast so far (39:16), how we feel we will approach friendship and business (41:41), why do women allow their man to call them their “b***h” (49:33), men are loved conditionally but women are loved unconditionally (54:42), Lil Nas X sneaker and the controversy (1:04:14), music we’ve listened to (1:08:27), our PERSONAL FAVORITE punchlines and bars rappers list and our content rappers list (1:13:44), why don’t female rappers who really rap and are lyrical get as much shine as other rappers? (1:39:09), New Jack documentary (1:41:58), a call from James’ sister Angelica leads into our Snowfall discussion (1:46:28), sports talk which includes wrestlemania (1:56:07), NBA Trades (2:02:22), (2:06:32), what’s wrong with the Boston Celtics? (2:10:01), Kevin Durant vs Michael Rapaport (2:15:38), quick diversion to Chika being slandered online and how we feel about online slander (2:17:31), Paul Pierce losing his job (2:23:07), sneaker pick ups (2:30:20), Deshaun Watson situation and is allowing everything to play out (2:37:04), moneybag_mafia skit on 808 running into Lil Uzi Vert (2:45:10)