MotoGP Horror Crash and F1 Engine Tweaks

Aug 19, 2020, 10:01 AM

MotoGP saw one of the most spectacular crashes we've seen in years at the Austrian GP, as Zarco and Morbidelli came together at the Red Bull Ring. The incident didn't just leave riders visibly shaken but everyone watching couldn't believe others escaped serious injury. This week's podcast takes a look at what happened with our MotoGP legend Oriol Puigdemont. Rossi reckons Zarco made a serious error of judgement but what do you think? Plus our host Andrew van Leeuwen talks to Filip Cleeren who sent to last weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix, and asks if the 'party mode' engine restrictions will result in better F1 races.

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Uri on Twitter: @uri_puigdemont

Filip on Twitter: @FilipCleeren