Fake News - 04/13/2021

Episode 1200,  Apr 13, 2021, 05:09 PM

Fake News, 2 stories are real, 1 is a fake

  • Eytan will be adding yet another job to his impressive resume: casino review site #BonusFinder launched a new contest this week to find an #MLB Food Tester to eat hot dogs to find out which stadium hits a home run.
  • As Barrett can attest, bored teenagers can get into some trouble, especially girls; four teenage girls set fire to their house out of boredom and filmed it on #SnapChat.
  • Jason will be wanting to put a poster up and coming #Czech women's hockey player Tereza Podkapova who is touted as the missing Gretzky; plays like Wayne, but looks like Paulina #WwayneGretzky #PaulinaGretzky
  • Next time out at the club, Harry is going to take a page out of #Usher's playbook and throw money with his face on it at the hardworking dancers.