Eric Zane Show Podcast 565 The world's gone crazy! (Shrug)

Apr 14, 03:20 PM

A daily (M-F), rant-filled comedy podcast to discuss news, nonsense and Eric's personal adventures.

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*I stumbled upon gold with the drama about Kenney complaining about everything.  That led to a new nickname creation for the lovable Kenney, and to some serious anguish from Kenney and another Zaniac.  Result:  We all laugh at them.
*Diana may need a new shoulder.   The MRI did not go as planned yesterday.
*Kids athletics should be abolished.  Wait till you see the fight at some asshole filled, AAU basketball game.
*Update on Virginia Army Lieutenant pepper sprayed during traffic stop.
*Dear Meathead - brought to you by JM Synthetics
*Minnesota is a shit show as day three of riots after the death of Duane Wright. 
*What the hell is up with sheep in England? A creepy scene as the sheep are eerily quiet and standing in a massive circle.
*Covid confusion with the J and J vaccine, rising numbers in Florida and the government has tech to keep you safe (we think).
*Email of the Day btyb ForeverLawn West Michigan
*Asshole of the Day BTYB JM Synthetics / TC Paintball

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