Post-Panic Pottiness - Brentford v Millwall Pre-Match Podcast

Apr 15, 09:15 AM
Amazing what a five goal away win does for the nerves.

After last week's full on panic podcast (which 100% s worth a listen still - especially after the weekend's events, it's normal service resumed

The Beesotted crew of Billy The Bee Grant, Dave Laney Lane, Matt The Allard Allard and Liberal Nick Carthew bottled sitting out in a cold pub garden and settled for the warmth of the virtual joint yet again. 

Reflecting on the panic stations show last week. Plus a review of the Preston North End five goal spanking. 

Jonathan Burchill (JB) reeled off a plethora of facts coming off the back of the PNE bashing

Plus Henry from No One Like Us Talking Podcast gives us the lowdown on Millwall