Pam, A Golf Mom

Apr 18, 01:00 PM
Golf Parents, listen up. We talk with Pam, a mother of a pretty good collegiate golfer who played in a Monday qualifier for the Honda Classic. He was one of 27 guys competing for 3 openings. What was it like for Pam to sit thru Monday’s round? Steve won one of the 3 entries by the way. Then what was it like to sit thru the first 2 days of the tournament? Steve made the cut by the way. And how nerve wracking was it to sit thru the final 2 days to see where her son would finish? And you’ll have to listen to find out how he finished, we don’t want to give away the ending. Then Jeff has some advice for all golf parents and finally he gives a quick fix audio golf lesson on shot shaping. Hit that fade or draw ON PURPOSE! Another fun, funny, and entertaining hour of Golf Talk, Those Weekend Golf Guys Podcast.