How to Save a Life: Meet Kaya

Apr 19, 04:00 AM
This episode finds us deep in two distant and distinct time periods: the 18th century and the year 2002. Set in 1764, Meet Kaya (2002) features a strong girl from the Nimiipuu people (also known as the Nez Perce tribe). Kaya enjoys riding her horse and being with her family. Though Kaya's stories don't follow the same arc as other American Girls, trust us that this book has a bit of everything, including lessons on "boasting," weaving, how to shed undesirable nicknames, and racing ambitions. Moving at a classic Janet Shaw warp speed, Kaya and her horse Steps High ALSO step up and save the day, well before book six. Join us as we go back in time (again) and for the first time, go beyond the OGAG six whose stories we knew well. Together, we try to
learn what Beforever means as we puzzle over the year that gave us both the Justin/Britney breakup and this character billed as the "first American Girl."

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