Amityville Killer Dead, The House of Gucci Widow & Theranos Pregnancy

Apr 19, 02:00 AM

Allen v. Farrow changes the way Mia Farrow has been portrayed. The Amityville Horror killer has died. The true story of the murder behind Lady Gaga's House of Gucci. Elizabeth Holmes of the Theranos scandal has announced her pregnancy.

Larissa & Carrie open the show talking about the Allen v. Farrow Documentary Series on HBO- does it change how Mia Farrow is seen and is Ronan really Frank Sinatra's son? The killer of the Amityville Horror, Ronald DeFeo, Jr., has died- will the fascination end now of the Long Island house? Trustees of MoMA ask Leon Black to quit as chairman over his connection to Jeffrey Epstein- so of course, Prince Andrew comes up again.  Carrie talks about her obsession with the story behind the new film, House of Gucci, starring Lady Gaga & Adam Driver. Maurizio Gucci was murdered by a hitman who was hired by his ex-wife, Patrizia Reggiani. And, of course, they end on the ultimate Queen of Scammers...the Theranos founder, Elizabeth Holmes, has asked for delays in her trial due to her pregnancy. Is she trying to get out of a jail sentence altogether?

Wine & Shot-Out
If you enjoyed this episode, check out the story of Marlon Brando's son who went to prison for killing his sister's boyfriend on

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