Born To Raise Hell - Richard Speck

Season 3, Episode 5,  Apr 19, 2021, 03:00 AM

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A late summer’s night in 1960’s Chicago is the scene for Tom and Ben, this week; as they unpick the astonishing life (and prison “afterlife”) of Richard Speck. A man believing himself to be so bad, that he had the words “Born To Raise Hell” inked and etched into his skin. 

How did Richard Speck manage to continually evade the police? What pushed him to become a heavy alcoholic by the age of 15? Did he plan all 8 murders, or was it simply “not their night”? What surprising act of kindness did Speck carry out in his later years? And what gradually appeared on Richard’s body after his conviction?

Tune in and all will be revealed!

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Written & presented by Tom Norris & Ben Carter | @nozzer89 @thisiscarts
Produced by Dan Lambert at Boston Sound | @bstnsnd
Additional voice-over by Tom Turner & Christopher Ragland
Additional research by Danielle St Romaine
Artwork & animation by Phil Whitton | @philwhitz
Opening theme by Alfie Indra | @alfieindra