Episode 328 - Trever Keith (Face To Face, Icarus/Daedalus)

Apr 20, 04:29 AM
This week on the show, Damian goes face to face with the face of Face To Face: TREVER KEITH! Listen in as the two discuss going from being a late bloomer into punk to fronting one of SoCal punk's most iconic bands. 
Not to be missed & also don't miss the new Face To Face album "No Way Out But Through" dropping later this year on 
Fat Wreck Chords

Also Touched On:

Not getting punk at first

Hearing Bad Religion and it clicking at 20

The Descendants and the best band

Not digging the Germs and the Dead Kennedys

The roots of punk and metal being the same

Black Dove: The band that eats glass!!!

The house foundation show scene

Victoria Manor

The other Zero Tolerance 

Face To Face forms

Voodoo Glow Skulls


Violence at shows

a riot at Pigfest

Rhythm Collision 

Meeting the Grim

Ill Repute

Signing to Fat and touring with NoFX

Going to Europe with Lagwagon

Working Geza X

Major label headaches

The start of Vagrant Records