Did Archegos teach Wall St any lessons?

Apr 21, 01:59 AM
Archegos Capital Management's spectacular failure over a couple of days in March has cost Wall Street's biggest banks billions of dollars. So far, the losses are being chalked up to one bad apple: the fund’s founder, Bill Hwang.

Mr Hwang’s record-breaking loss of an estimated $20 billion fortune in two days is a cautionary tale. But this is not only about how far any one investor may fall during a historic bull market. The cascade of consequences was limited to a few large firms. But what about next time?

Host Mustafa Alrawi and co-host Kelsey Warner unpack the terms and market dynamics that brought down a whale and ponder the implications of shrugging off a scandal.

In this episode:
Why are people talking about Archegos? (0m 46s)
Bill Hwang's sophisticated financial instruments (4m 05s)
Warnings for Wall Street (8m 18s)

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