Podcast 10 – Climate Change in the Media

Episode 10,  Apr 22, 2021, 05:00 AM

For this episode, we are thrilled to have Caroline O’Doherty, Dr Dave Robbins and Kayle Crosson join us to chat about climate change in the media. Caroline is the environment correspondent for the Irish Independent, Dave is an Assistant Professor at the School of Communications in Dublin City University and Kayle is the editor for Green News.

Covering a wide range of areas, including what the trends are in reporting and in the public’s perceptions. We also chat about how the media is behaving in relation to linking climate change to other issues we see in the news, how interconnected everything is and areas where the media could do better. We discuss the trust levels placed in traditional media and whether media still informs discussions and much more besides. Join us to hear all of our guests’ thoughts on this fascinating topic.