Around the Monitor 4/23 - They're Making Assassin's Creed Children's Books!?

Apr 23, 02:00 PM
We're back bringing you the week's hottest gaming news! Topics include: Ubisoft is publishing Assassin's Creed Children's Books, Jeff Kaplan leaves Blizzard, and Amazon cancels yet another unreleased video game. 

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Show Notes:
0:00 - Intro
1:40 - How old is Jeff Kaplan?
4:00 - Topics
6:09 - Jeff Kaplan leaves Blizzard
12:37 - Ubisoft publishes Assassin’s Creed children’s books
17:52 - Epic Games store has added an app… of another game store.
23:38 - Amazon has canceled it’s MMO set in the Lord of the Rings universe due to Tencent
27:40 - Sony accidentally leaks PlayStation Plus Video Pass
34:44 - Sony Patents an AI that will play sections of a game for you
42:34 - The Winner is…
44:35 - Closing and Plugs