Bryson says: Swing Harder And Get A Stiffer Shaft

Apr 25, 01:00 PM
High Tech, Low Tech, and No Tech. That’s how the show flows this week. First we talk to Reed Dickens from LA Shafts. They have designed a revolutionary shaft. Actually two, one for driver, one for putter. They have been designed with the help of Bryson DeChambeau who answers every physics student’s question: “when will I ever use this stuff in real life?”  And Bryson says even 20 handicappers should just swing harder! Next we talk to Marc Goldsmith about the way it used to be, the historic clubs of the hickory shaft era. And then Jeff jumps in with some No Tech, purely physical ways to improve your golf game. No machinery, just some serious practice. There ya go: another fun, funny, entertaining edition of Those weekend Golf Guys Podcast.