Continuum ABA with Marc Rose

May 31, 11:00 AM
Phone: 800-828-5659 

I invited Marc Rose to talk about ABA and Continuum precisely because he is NOT a BCBA. I understand, and respect, there are those who feel all ABA therapy is bad and families should not use it. However, I don't agree. In my opinion, ABA is a tool, just like speech or any other therapy. Marc makes a fantastic analogy to families without disabilities wanting their children to follow in their parent's footsteps, but respecting their children are different and allowing their children to follow their own path. Continuum isn't out to make children "conform" to the "norms of society".

As a parent, I can understand wanting to get help to change behaviors, but I also believe not all behaviors need to be changed. I feel there has to be some middle ground. There are individuals who need help learning how to use a toilet or are self-injurious. As Marc points out there are also times when families need help expanding someone's food choices. None of these, in my opinion, are trying to take away a person's individuality - rather they are trying to give an individual a better quality of life.

Now I do NOT think individuals need to have their stims stopped or changed. I have never tried to redirect my son or address his stims. I overlooked a tic initially because I thought it was a stim; I've since learned it's a manifestation of Tourette's (according to his Neurologist). Even so - it's not causing him harm or interfering with his life so I've opted to do nothing about it. I think the same is true for what you can use ABA to address. 

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