Call My Agent! and Superstore

Apr 30, 05:00 AM
Richard Porritt, Cash Boyle and Matt Withers return to bring you the week’s news, politics, gags, gaffes and guests in The New Normal.

This week they discuss Boris Johnson's various ongoing controversies, Arlene Foster's defenestration as DUP leader and Northern Ireland's first minister and, in Cash and Burn, the UK government slashing its funding to the UN's global family planning programme.

Election agent William Cooper joins us to explain what election agents actually do ahead of next week's Super Thursday polls, while Gareth Wild tells us how he became a global sensation by spending six years parking his car in every spot of the Bromley Sainsbury's car park.

And we share more tips for the best in culture to get you through what remains of lockdown.

Music: 8 Bit Sauce by Mikey Geiger