A Cuppa With: Mental Health in Music - Episode four: Finding Your Authentic Self

Apr 30, 08:00 AM
This week, it's Episode FOUR - all about "finding your Identity" and I  look at how to build an authentic identity, in a way that is completely true to your own value systems. This episode features Danny G & the Major 7ths, Enda Gallery, Tolü Makay, and Louize Carroll 

I loved speaking with Tolü! As someone who has a very strong presence, she stepped away from corporations and has worked tirelessly to be true to who she is. A true inspiration with the most magical voice!!

I also chat with the brilliant  Louize Carroll, Chartered Psycologist - who also just so happens to be extra qualified to discuss musicians and mental health - as she's also @theblizzardsie Bass player! Louize brings expertise from both sides of her personality and has a special interest in working with people in creative industries, so was the perfect choice for this episode. 

Looking forward to to bringing you this episode as I also bring you news of my own journey in moving forward to be true to my own authentic self.