Reservoir Dogs

May 03, 04:01 AM
We're BOUNCING from Quentin Tarantino's Jackie Brown to Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs! Thanks to ... Quentin Tarantino! We're talking about the music, the characters, the ear scene, and the shark from Jaws.

(1:10 - 10:00) It's "Movie Psychoanalysis" Time! Mike and Harry discuss Harry's approach to movies when he was a kid, as well as today. Would he buy a ticket to a bad movie and walk out 20 minutes later?
(8:55 - 38:15) Mike and Harry talk about how hard Reservoir Dogs hit them when they were kids, as well as how hard it hits them today!
(38:35 - 57:53) BONUS CAPSULE DISCUSSION! It's OLD NEWS, it's August 2020 and we're talking about the HOT news that Mulan will be released on Disney +. Reckless forecasting had been done. Were we right?... or were we completely wrong?

Where will we bounce to next week? (SPOILERS) The answer is revealed in the episode! Will it be "Cosmic Sin" with Bruce Willis? ... or "Friday" with Chris Tucker? ... or Bruce Willis in "Cosmic Sin"? ...or will it be "Dazed and Confused" with Milla Jovovich? ... or Luc Besson's "Lucy"? Or will we just spend an episode confessing our cosmic sins? Find out next week!
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