Becoming Your Own Advocate for Mental Clarity - with Jessica Smith

Episode 4,  May 01, 2021, 09:35 PM

Jessica Smith is a writer, instructor and mental health advocate based in Baltimore, MD. Her writing portfolio spans from financial literacy education to poetry. She’s the author of the E-Book, “How to Stretch Your Emergency Fund during a Crisis,” in which she shares the wisdom she gleaned from taking a 14-month mental health break from work with $13K in her savings account. She moves through both the creative and business worlds with power and grace, confidence and poise. 

As a mindfulness and meditation instructor, she helps her participants tap into their authentic voice in order to listen to their most important needs. Jessica uses her public platform to fight against stigmas associated with mental illness and is very open about her battles with anxiety and depression. Writing has been Jessica’s safe haven for the past 15 years and she thanks Jesus and her journal for carrying the most intimate parts of her life when she wasn’t as outwardly vocal.

Jessica’s workshops inspire her audience to continue to lean into the hard, yet rewarding, toil of “self-work,” which is a lifelong journey. No matter where she is, she will always build a strong support system around her because healing happens in community.

We Will Learn About:
  • How can we determine a breaking point and when to just push through 
  • The importance of becoming our own Mental health and Wellness Advocates. 
  • Ways that we can become our own advocates for our Mental Health & Wellness 
  • The differences between healthy and unhealthy boundaries, and what does it look like to establish healthy boundaries
  • How we can confidently communicate our boundaries to our loved ones
  • Small action steps that we can do right now that will get us one step forward to achieving mental clarity

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