Tropic of Capricorn

May 03, 02:28 AM
Hey baby, did you miss me? What’s wrong, looks like you’ve seen the devil herself reflected off of your skin. It’s in your blood darling; don’t be so quick to dismiss my shadow. I think your bones reflect the moonlight magnificently. I think you should pick up a camera and start recording, painting what you see again. Like when you were still little and wanting to create. You’re standing in your kitchen. You need to understand. But of course, I’m a brat as always. I explain nothing. The possibilities are infinite. The definitions are almost always blurred beyond recognition anyway. Might as well define me for your own. How curious you’ve become. The female anatomy is spraying your imagination in vivid colors. Or is it only my body? The details are our story. I’m waiting to be written beside your naked skin. And you’re staring at a blank wall listening to me paint the memory of your childhood. How could I know this? How could I have been every living thing already? How do I know how your fingers ache to make me whine and plead? Stop asking questions Capi! You’re so dogmatic! Your certainty does nothing for your desire to fuck me. You know nothing, but you want me. I know the answer before you’ve had the chance to ask. The stars have placed the darkness in you for good reason. Baby brown eyes hold themselves steady in their own reflection. I run my fingers through black strands; memory again plays time against itself. Nothing is forgotten. I didn’t leave you behind. I begged you to remember and ran away laughing. I don’t play with time like you do, I obey instinct only; my gut says it is you. I’m very obedient to the grand scheme of things. The story writes itself around me with my fearless participation. So I knocked on your door and disappeared, you still got off your ass didn’t you? How bad one aches for what is no longer staring her in face, waiting is the devils game. Come play with me babygirl. I’ll remind you what I taste like. I’ll bend forward. I’ll roll on my tummy and push in my knees. I’ll look you dead in eyes and beg for everything. I pour my love in the palms of your hands. Between your fingers I will beg you deeper. You pause to be certain that this is really happening. That this isn’t just another story of love and losing faith and deceiving innocent hearts make for the easiest kill. I know you, once upon a time you were terrified, but you are fearless now my love. And I am yours. Come fuck me! I am all yours. And I miss you terribly. Come home to me. Run into the night where you belong, and scream bloody murder until someone sees your creative and relates. They’ll know who you are immediately. They will guide you to me effortlessly. They are the only ones left alive, the only ones who can see, the only ones that I tell my secrets; only they know where I hide. Trust your spiritual intuition wild child! She and she alone can guide you home. Move! Stop washing your stupid dirty plate and burn the stagnate energy to the ground. Burn it all! Leave everything! You don’t need anything but my love. And my fucking god woman, do I adore you. You dance like your flesh stuck like glue to another time and place completely. You are not here completely. You are not only grounded. You fly. Disco baby bouncing in a dimly lit courtyard, you never truly gave a fuck you just pretended to. Everybody’s talking about dumb shit that never mattered. You are performing. I can’t take my eyes off you. I pretend to be a boy. I pretend to be innocent. But you see right through. I see that you forgot you were pretending. I try to snap you out of it. But its pressure on you: you don’t want the act, you want your truth. No matter how hard I try to be the woman you love to death, I cannot stop reflecting you. So we stare into the dark, catching as many glances of our bodies as we possibly can without being called out. We both want the other to call out. But our reflection is detestable. I love you but you can’t reach my love without your own. You love me but it sits undefined in your chest and burns as you sleep. You pretend the night doesn’t exist in denial. But I reach from within and shake. Close all your holes and turn off the lights. Not one sound will penetrate. Not one ray of light will tempt the backside of your sensitive eyelids. Nothing will break your dreams but me. I will destroy everything. When I’ve reminded you of every second of the life we are preparing to build together, then I will crawl up your throat and slip out. Sliding over your tongue unnoticed. Seemingly it was a dream. But then you opened your mouth and spoke. How can you still taste me? You haven’t even kissed me yet. Take a picture of that. What does it say? Are words necessary? Or have you already told our story by capturing time and framing it. Time stays still in the absence of explanation. It ceases counting entirely and moves towards what is being made through you. You have the lens on my naked body. The sun is dipping into the canyon; through the glass it begins climbing my thighs. You demand I lay on my back now. You are not in control, I am. But I obey every word that comes out of you. I want the time you are trying to capture just as bad as you do. But I act oblivious and let you guide me blind. When I smile you whimper. With one touch you’ve created time itself: you’ve captured love, which cannot possibly exist.