Pop Screen: Battleship (with Andrew Young)

Season 2, Episode 17,  May 06, 2021, 05:00 PM

It would be fair to say that Battleship, Peter Berg's $250 million dollar Hasbro adaptation, does not arrive with the greatest of advance press. And yet, on this week's Pop Screen, our hosts are still astonished at how much goes wrong. Join Graham and Andrew (from Behold! podcast) as we anatomise the film's scanty, mostly burrito-focused characterisation, its unfortunate obsession with the acronym "RIMPAC", its unexpectedly cute alien baddies and its truly beyond-parody choice of end credits song.

But because this is Pop Screen, we talk about more than the movie. This was an inauspicious screen debut for Rihanna, so we also take some time to discuss the Barbadian R&B superstar's ability to expertly ride the wave of cultural changes, as well as her little-heralded role in putting British indie-pop out of its misery. We also wonder what she's been doing since the release of her last album in 2016, and discover a new way in which that infamous year is cursed.

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