No One is Listening Anyways Ep. 1

May 08, 02:37 PM

Chit Chat with Moon over Daily Mail's Snapchat News! 5.7.2021

Matthew Perry on Raya, Olly is sgender star, Did teen jump from Niagara Falls, Thirsty Thursday Kim Kardashian, Bella's Booze Cruise, Hey Girls I'm Nuts Pete Davidson, Did Donald Glover rip off song, Bill & Melinda's Secret Split, Soldier hijacks school bus, Set on fire for a laugh, Belle's lovely in lingerie, Abram makes placenta tacos, Miley Cyrus, Stranger Things, Ohio Senator Zoom, Trans Olympian for Tokyo, George Clooney and Amal buy vineyard in France, "If George Floyd complied he'd be alive" rant, Mary Kate & Ashley divorce, Asian American racist attack, Cheugy Millenials, Coldplay sending music to outer space, A Quiet Place 2, Archie Harry and Meghan's baby, Harry & Meghan's vaccine giveaway, Boob Surgery and Korean plastic surgery, Alli on Tiktok, Sucking out the poison with cupping treatment, Britney Spears boyfriend and Tom Hardy, Mom captures moment shark circled daughter, Man is on road trip in redone ambulance