ZaksTradersCafe: May 9 Sunday Roast

May 09, 07:44 AM
Zak Mir is joined by regulars Phil Carroll, Albert Arthur and Kevin Hornsby with more stock market banter. This week they are joined by Gerrard Brandon, CEO Deepverge (DVRG) and Non Executive Chairman Microsaic.

Minutes of Podcast:
57s Phil’s  week on
2.07 Forbes Ventures (FOR)
4.07 Caerus (CMRS) and Jubilee Metals (JLP)
6.01 Rambler (RMM)
7.15 Zak on CMRS
8.26 on RMM
8.45 Phil on RMM
9.15 on CMRS’s large trade
10.41 Albert’s week on
10.55 Synairgen (SNG)
11.38 Deepverge (DVRG)
14.05 Gerry Brandon on Deepverge
20.55 Albert and Gerry talk about the rapid breath test
25.00 Gerry on the hospitality industry’s needs
27.00 The spike protein, Avacta (AVCT) and the Aptamer Group
28.45 Uses for doping
29.19 Gerry on Microsaic (MSYS)
29.49 Gerry on AI
30.28 Gerry on data
32.59 Gerry’s background
34.15 Phil on Faithless
34.40 Gerry on Integumen
35.28 Kevin asks Gerry about the 4 second test
37.52 Albert asks Gerry about test accuracy and PCR
40.38 Kevin asks Gerry the cost of the test
44.07 Gerry on potential unicorns
49.47 Phil: skin the largest organ
50.51 Gerry’s Rosetta Stone
52.25 Phil wants to join
55.08 Gerry on the gut biome
56.29 Kevin asks Gerry what will make people invest in Deepverge?
58.59 Albert asks Gerry about revenue
62.08 Zak to Gerry: is Deepverge too sprawling to understand?
64.43 Zak on the China Resources deal
66.00 Albert on the revenue flip
66.27 Gerry on investing in growth
71.21 Kevin’s week: Zoetic (ZOE), Caerus (CMRS), Valereum (VLRM), Alpha Growth (ALGW
75.31 Kevin on David Lenigas, Siam Kidd and NFTs
76.35 Albert on Synairgen (SNG), the markets and the Green List
78.57 Phil on Oriole Resources (ORR)
81.09 Zak's lunch with Gareth Cave plus Chamberlain (CMH) and the FTSE 100