Starting a brand thoughtfully with Laura Rana

Apr 29, 07:00 AM
Khushi Kantha creates sustainable, multi-purpose baby 'kantha' blankets, hand-stitched from reclaimed and ethically-sourced cotton and embroidered with empowerment by mothers in Bangladesh.

Their mission is to build better futures for the next generation, by creating opportunities for mothers to provide for their children with dignity, and contributing to the circular economy, promoting a shift from take-make-waste to reclaim-repurpose-reuse.

This is a recording from a conversation I had with Laura in my Facebook Group - The Impact Entrepreneurs Club.

I wanted to share it here because I think Laura brings a real clarity of thought and patience to how she is developing and building a brand. If you're doing the same you'll learn loads from how she is going about doing this.

If you would like to support Laura's crowdfund campaign which she mentions in this podcast you can do so here: