May 11, 05:40 PM
Join us for another one, as we what we do best; calling out racism, talking culture and going on Kangents (aka tangents). 
We talk #SerenaWilliams and the photo floating the internet that appears to show her in a lighter shade of brown than we may be used to seeing. A billboard in PDX aimed at the Black community that doesn't quite add up when we do the math. Although admittedly, neither of us are math whiz's outside of countin up these checks, ayeeee! #McDonalds employees in 15 states say "it's up and it's stuck" when it comes the cost of living vs their wages. This means #strike time and don't cross the salted fry line! We make sure the people understand a bit better about media headlines and trials, and how they work in terms of a defendant. It was never the George Floyd Trial! That bum Chauvin was on trial for killing George Floyd and not the other way around. 
As usual we are leaving being sophisticated to our listeners while we unrefined-ly talk amongst ourselves. Get your red cup and listen up!